Sunday, July 18, 2010

STRING THEORY...Everything Is Vibration

String theory, also called superstring theory, is a fast-growing discovery in the field of physics. It also relates to spiritual beliefs and the paranormal.
String theory attempts to find one rule of physics that applies to everything. And, physicists may have found it.

According to string theory, everything is based on minute strings too small to be directly observed that each, like violin strings, have a vibration. The quality of that vibration determines the characteristics of the object, and perhaps our experiences, too.

This discovery coincides with breakthroughs in the spiritual community. Philosophers and spiritual leaders such as Dr. Wayne Dyer and Abraham of Abraham-Hicks now emphasize the power of thought and intention also described as vibration in creating our life experiences.

"Your environment comes in response to your thoughts. So often, humans play it the other way around. Their thoughts come in response to their environment." -- Abraham-Hicks, December 2003 Quarterly Journal Many philosophers and scientists, discussing the spiritual implications of string theory, suggest that a Deity is the source of the vibrations of the universe.

Some also speculate that a general, cosmic vibration is Deity's presence in us, and that on some levels we are all connected.
Abraham advises us to monitor our personal vibrations, to remain "in tune" with the experiences that we desire. Our emotions are our guide; when we're happy, we're attracting positive experiences. According to these teachings, maintaining the appropriate vibration is the only sure way to attract what we want.

"'We become what we think about all day long.' The question is, 'What do you think about?'" -- Wayne Dyer, on manifesting spiritual change, quoting Ralph Waldo Emerson
Chanting, or the use of sound as spiritual meditation and worship, is a long held tenet in many religions and spiritual maditations, including Buddhism and Yoga meditation. But, there are other connections between vibrations and spirituality.
For many people, vibration--experienced as sound is an innate connection with our inner being, and perhaps Deity. Will string theory produce hard evidence of this? Proving it may take awhile.

String theorists are studying gravity. Gravity holds the planets in orbit, and maintains our physical connection with Earth as our planet spins in space. Yet, gravity can be easily overcome by a force as small as a magnet. This apparent incongruity has baffled scientists for years.

Gravity is the most likely proof of string theory. From the University of Washington to Fermilab, and the Large Hadron Collider, scientists are aggressively studying where gravity goes when particles are smashed.
Gravity may be released into those alternative worlds. Following the path of that energy would provide the breakthrough that physicists seek.
But, there is another spiritual aspect of this: For string theory to be true, and it appears that it is, there must be at least ten dimensions, not just the three (plus time, as the fourth) that we perceive.
Further, there must be parallel existences that encompass other realities... perhaps all possible alternative realities.

For centuries, perhaps longer, people have talked about alternative worlds that interact with ours. Whether they describe it as the domains of Heaven and Hell, the faerie world, the "other side," or something else altogether, there are intense shared and dissimilar aspects of these worlds.
Science fiction has long played with the concept of parallel worlds. "Mirror, Mirror," the old Star Trek episode is just one popular example.
When psychics such as John Edward talk about "crossing over," where do people cross over to? The afterlife that he describes resembles our own world more than the classical portrayal of Heaven.
Likewise, if there are many parallel worlds, do they share the same Deity or Deities? Does Deity live in one of these other worlds, and interact with alternative realities at whim?

String theory may unify science and spirituality. The possibilities are as numerous as the alternative worlds and realities that may exist.

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  1. Please explain the equations of Bosonic string theory to me.