Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Brief Intro To Chi

Chi, the life force that penitrates the universe. In addition to being in all living things, chi is also found in inanimate objects. Although chi is a metaphysical construct, rather than something which can be mathematically quantified and measured, belief in chi is widespread in many Asian nations and disciplines including Traditional Chinese Medicine, martial arts, and feng shui, a Chinese art which involves balancing objects within their environment.
Some scientist argue that there is a relationship between chi energy and the zero point field. In some schools of thought it is seen as the lowest energy form that embodies space-time.

Many cultures have a concept similar to that of vital energy which runs through all things, such as prana in the yogic tradition. When it is in a proper state of balance, the energy moves smoothly through the space which it inhabits, and supports rather than fights against the space. Balancing this energy is a crucial part of living a healthy and calm life for many people in Asian countries, and the concept of energetic balance has been adopted by some Western nations as well.

An imbalance of chi can lead to ill health and/or discomfort in one's environment. Acupuncture, Acupressure, and other types of Traditional Chinese Medicine are used to correct the imbalance, by unblocking the flow of chi through the meridians of the body.

It is important for science to move away from orthodox methods and begin to research Chi with legit scientific methods. After all, at one point in time it was considered foolish to think the world is round, we are made of atoms, the earth revolves around the sun, etc. It wasn't until someone gave these facts serious inquiry and investigation that they became acceptable.

Could this be the story of Chi?

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